Oro Valley, Arizona

Oriole Feeders!

When the Orioles come to town, we want you to be ready to cater to them in your own backyard. Feed them nectar (sugar-water), grape jelly or oranges in any of these WBU feeders.

This eye-catching feeder is made of recycled milk bottles and will not fade or deteriorate in our harsh desert climate. It comes with a lifetime guarrantee. The bright orange color is enticing to our summer migrants, the Orioles. Look for Hooded, Bullocks and Scotts Orioles as they search for the perfect nesting site. Maybe a Palm tree near you!

This feeder allows you to feed the Orioles all of their favorites! Add grape jelly, nectar or even skewer an orange in the center and watch them go! Made of durable plastic and cleans up easily in warm, soapy water.

This simple yet elegant, hand-painted feeder will be a cheerful addition to your yard. Just add grape jelly or an orange half.