Oro Valley, Arizona

Eric Dalrymple

"My first memory of birds and bird feeding came from watching my grandmother feed chickadees from her hand. Grandma had done this for years, much to everyone’s amazement. Her other passion was collecting every type of bird knick-knack ever made. I assume this is where my father’s interest in bird feeding and his dislike of knick-knacks began. It's also the reason why in those very cold Ohio winters, when the snow was knee deep and the temperature was in the low teens, my brothers and I had the responsibility of filling the eight bird feeders on the property. Back in those days the seed came from the feed store and the suet from the local butcher. All of our bird feeders were made by my father and they all held the same type of seed, a mix of millet and striped sunflower seed."

"While times have changed and there are so many types of bird feeders and bird food to choose from, the feeling of bringing nature up close and personal still remains the same for me."

Favorite bird: Gila Woodpecker

"They're clever and entertaining."

Favorite Feeder: Recycled Tray Feeder

"You can put anything in it."

Favorite Seed: Peanut Pieces

"Because they're high in fat and the birds love 'em!"